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Employ the services of a dependable law office for your civil litigation and make sure you are getting the assistance you require. Turn to the Law Office of May & Coup in Mount Carmel, TN and rest assured knowing that knowledgeable attorneys are handling your legal concerns. Attorney Allen J. Coup and Attorney Joseph E. May will carefully review your case, provide sound legal advice, and represent your best interests. If you have questions or concerns regarding our services, please call our office at 423-357-2244.
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Thank you for visiting our website. Our experienced civil trial attorneys are ready to provide you with legal assistance. Take advantage of the free initial office consultations we offer and call us today to schedule an appointment. The reason we do not give advice over the telephone is to ensure that sufficient time is allotted for you and your concerns. This individual attention is our way of seeking to provide you with the assistance you deserve. Let us help you address your legal matters.